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Dispensation Policy

IntroductionIn our commitment to offer affordable and convenient healthcare, ensuring the correct administration of medications and safeguarding patient well-being remains our foremost concern. Our policy adheres to the guidance of our Pharmaceutical Compliance Board and remains subject to their periodic assessment and recommendations. We aspire to uphold a higher level of stringency compared to the standards outlined by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. We actively implement principles of good governance to underscore our dedication to our organization’s mission and to achieve ethical outcomes in the delivery of our healthcare services (Ministry of Health, Framework for Good Governance, 2009). We adhere to best dispensing practices, which include counseling patients on the appropriate usage of medications when necessary, providing guidance to patients taking multiple medications, and maintaining secure digital records of patient consultations (Guide to Good Dispensing Practice, 2016). Our policy is an evolving framework, continually refined to enhance our services and protect the well-being of our patients.The MyDocLab Drug Classification Approach
MyDocLab’s Drug Classification System
Within MyDocLab, we classify medications into three distinct groups:

  1. Group B: These medications demand a valid prescription from a qualified doctor for purchase.
  2. Group C: Medications in this category require evaluation by our team of panel pharmacists prior to being made available for purchase.
  3. Np or OTC: Medications in this group can be conveniently obtained from our marketplace catalog.

It’s important to note that we do not provide abuse-class medications or medications requiring a cold supply chain, those necessitating administration by a healthcare professional (e.g., IM/IV/SC/Depot injections), or those that are either unregistered or prohibited in the country.
The MyDocLab Dispensation Approach
E-prescriptions requested from us undergo a two-tier verification process: Patient Qualification and Independent Doctor’s Consultation. The medications will then be dispensed by our Partner Pharmacies, accompanied by comprehensive guidance to ensure patients use their prescribed medications correctly and safely.
Independent Doctor’s Consultation
Customers are required to undergo online teleconsultation with our doctors, and if deemed necessary, prescriptions will be provided by our medical professionals if they feel comfortable prescribing during the teleconsultation. These doctors are not directly employed by MyDocLab but undergo background checks and training to use the MyDocLab teleconsultation platform and methods. These doctors operate independently and have the discretion to decline medication or medical certificate requests if they believe it may have a detrimental effect on a patient or if they suspect abuse of the MyDocLab system. For Group B medications to be dispensed, a valid prescription from a registered doctor with a valid MMC certificate is required. Our standard prescription validity is 90 days (3 months), in accordance with the guidelines specified in Poisons Regulation 1989 Regulation 11, 1989. 
Every e-prescription issued by us will feature a prominent alert for patients, which reads, “Please contact a registered medical practitioner or licensed pharmacist if experiencing persistent symptoms or side effects from medication.
Partner Pharmacy Approval
Our medications are dispensed by independent partner pharmacies staffed by pharmacists holding registered Type A Poison Licenses, which allow them to import, store, and deal with medications by wholesale or retail, in accordance with the Laws of Malaysia Poison Act 1952 Regulation 26, 1952. All pharmacists we collaborate with have the authority to decline a patient’s request if they believe it is in the best interest of the patient. This system of independent fulfillment serves as a check and balance for our service. As per (Laws of Malaysia Poison Act 1952 Regulation 24, 2006), our medications will not be sold to individuals under eighteen years of age, except for the purpose of medical treatment. At all times, MyDocLab reserves the right to refuse any medication or prescription provided by a patient to protect them from potential adverse effects.

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